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4 Doors Bookcase Sale Online Sydney. Wooden Bookcase Sale Sydney, Free delivery in Sydney .Office furniture, Bookcase and book shelf Sale Online Sydney .Sale is on

This 4 Doors Bookcase is made of 100% camphor wood and is really heavy and strong. The Best Wooden Bookcase (Book Shelf )Sale sydney.

The Bookcase  model number is B-124# and the size is (160*33*200) cm.



Camphor Wood


Camphor laurel yields a beautiful, rich honey-coloured timber with a clean, fresh camphor smell that is perfect for furniture, carving, and cabinetry.

The camphor laurel's extraordinary strong dark grain against a yellow base creates distinctive furniture. It is also recommended for use as slabs in kitchen bench tops, tables and shelves, as well as decorative veneers, internal lining boards and turned or hand-carved bowls. All camphor laurel wood features the characteristic camphor smell that repels moths and other insects, making it perfect for clothes storage cabinets. Camphor laurel also has antibacterial properties prized for use in crafting handsome chopping and carving boards.

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