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This 3 doors wooden Bookcase is made of 100% cedar wood and is really heavy and strong.Bookcase Sale Sydney,Discounted bookcase (Book Shelf) Sydney

The bookcase  model number is UBO-065# and the measurement is (127*38*195) cm.


About Cedar Wood



Insect Repelling

Cedar wood can be very aromatic. Luckily for us, this scent seems to be a detractor to many kinds of insects, which makes cedar a popular wood for chests that store clothing and blankets.

Crack Resistant

Cedar is a lightweight wood. It also "lies flat and stays straight, which means it resists the natural tendency to crack and check as you might find in many other wood species," according to the Adams All-Natural Cedar website.

Water Resistant

Another useful property of cedar wood is its resistance to rotting. The fibers in the wood contain oils that repel water, making it useful for wetter, as well as more humid, climates.


Cedar wood is warm in color, and can range from red to pink to orange to yellow. The warm colors of the wood can give it a cheery and cozy look.

Weather Moderation

Cedar has a plethora of beneficial qualities, not the least of which is insulation. Compared to other wood types, it is much better at containing heat in the winter and is cool in the summer.

Cedar is one of the most aromatic woods (hence, the cedar chest) and is strong enough to endure the elements, so it's great for decks and patio furniture.


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